“The PipeLine”

June 2,2018


Formerly, “The Pipeline” was hosted by the Honolulu Advertiser and sustained the transition as they merged with the Honolulu Star Bulletin. I wrote local surf news blog for them from 2008 until a few years ago when they got rid of most of their bloggers. Before that, I hosted a surf blog with Oceanic Cable called “Living the Surf Life” from 2006-2010 and wrote a column for Surfing World Japan from 2005 to 2008. I also wrote freelance articles for a variety of magazines, which started with the womenʻs magazine boom, transformed into a series of local style interviews with renowed local surfers and then eventually dimished as the internet took over and the magazines and newspapers kind of died out.


I find myself back blogging on my own site as all the archives I wrote for the Honlulu Star Advertiser and Oceanic have disapeared and I am not sure if they can be recovered, but I hope to create a collective archive that is important to the lives of us as surfers from my own records and the compilations of others. The Pipeline will be dedicated to local surf news, surf records and surf perservation, including the stories of local people who are dedicated to surf and can help me to perserve our era of surfing in a way that is not driven by money or marketing, but why we do what we do and how it matters.

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